A Basic Understanding of Online Sports Betting Terms

Many bettors keep on betting on various sporting events and keep on losing it. It is simply because they do not understand the basic concept and terms of betting. To be a veteran of betting, you need to learn the basics and have a knack of it all. This article will discuss the basics of online sports betting to make it easier for you to place the bets.

Online Sports Betting Terms that You Need to Know

Straight Bets 

Here, you are just betting on a single team that you think can win the sports event. In a straight bet, the total points by which the team has won hardly matters.

Over/Under Bets 

The bookmakers also mention the list of over/under bet score. This score simply refers to the amount of points scored by a particular team during the entire game. If the expected number is 47 and you have placed an ‘over’ bet then it means that the total score of the team will be more than the anticipated. However, if you have placed an ‘under’ bet then it means that you are expecting the total score to be less than the expected. Do not worry! It is not at all confusing. You will get used to it once you have started betting online.

Point Spread Betting 

The bookmakers always list the names of the teams that are expected to win. In fact, they also highlight the points by which they can win and this is termed as ‘spread’. Yes, the company gives you a hint of winning team indirectly. It depends upon your intelligence and smartness that how well you understand the words of the site. They are not going to tell you that the odds are on the team A to win but they will deliver the message that the team is expected to win by 7 points or 11 points. Thus, remain alert at every second when you are ready to place a bet on a particular team.

Against the Spread 

Here, you not only bet on the team that will win but by how much more or less amount of the expected spread will the team win. This betting rule may confuse you but you can always take the assistance of the experts of the online betting company. Try to sign up at the company that offer 24/7 customer support services so that, you can contact them at any point of time to get your betting issues resolved. 


This simply refers to the moment when a bettor makes several bets on one ticket only. For instance, a player wants to place two bets but instead of placing both of them separately, he will place them both together on one ticket. The best part is that if the player will win both the bets, the payout will be greater than two separate bets. However, if you will lose even one bet then you will lose it all.

This small guide should help you not get confused with any of the previously mentioned betting terms.